How to Create Industrial Inspired Home Office

An industrial-style home office can be a great choice if you’re planning to remodel your office or create a new one. This style features a neutral color palette, combinations of wood and metal, and simple, functional aesthetics to create an environment that is less distracting.

Choose a Color to Start

When you think of the industrial style, metal surfaces and exposed bricks often come to mind. To keep your office interior neutral and uncluttered, focus on contrasting textures. Add a rug or some comfortable seating to introduce more visual interest.

Use Concrete Finishes

Concrete is a staple in industrial-inspired home offices. Whether you polish it to a high shine or leave it matte, the rustic effect remains. Make the space cozier by combining wood elements with warm, beautiful lighting.

Decor, Furniture, and Other Necessities

Furnishing an industrial-inspired home office is one of its most appealing aspects. Desks and combination bookcases made of wood and metal, DIY shelves, and display cabinets give your office an elegant and timeless look. Furniture made from solid wood and steel not only looks stylish but is also very durable and low-maintenance.

Artwork is another way to incorporate industrial elements into your home office. Bold graphics, large wall murals, and repurposed objects can give your office a unique character. For a truly industrial style, think of your office as a glamorous factory. Enhance the atmosphere with vintage photos or pieces of factory machinery.

Ensure the Lighting Matches the Theme

Natural light is beneficial for any office, and the industrial style is no exception. Large windows are ideal for a factory-inspired office look. If there aren’t any windows, most industrial-style lighting features steel and combines both lamp and pendant elements. Pendants should hang low with wide shades. A stylish metal desk lamp will complete your industrial home office look.

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