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Greater Houston Area – 6 Things That Need to be On Your Must-DoList

The Greater Houston area is located in Texas and is rich in cultural diversity. If you are looking to explore the region, the surrounding neighborhoods might have your attention. As a visitor, you can have a look at the various beautifully built museums, parks, artistic places, etc. 

Houston is considered to be the fourth largest city, and it plays a vital role in energy production. Therefore, it is also called the energy capital of the world. It offers medical centers like Texas Medical Center that, in fact, come under the most significant medical complexes. You can contact Katy TX real estate agent Javier Tello to understand how to move into this beautiful city and experience the best of the activities in your daily routine!

Let us look at various things to explore in the Greater Houston Area: 

Offering Scenic Parks such as Buffalo Bayou Park

Katy TX real estate agent Javier Tello
Katy TX real estate agent Javier Tello

The park is expanded over 160 acres of land, and you can also indulge in activities such as kayaking. The main attraction of Buffalo Bayou Park is its underground reservoir, which is now an art space. It also conducts different festivals and events. The park has scenic trails for various outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, etc. Moreover, one can also go there with one’s family and plan a picnic. 

Within the park, you can also witness around 250,000 bats that show up from Waugh Drive Bridge, which is also called Waugh Drive Bat Colony. 

For space exploration purposes, you can go to the Space Center.

If you are interested in space exploration and space tourism, then you should consider visiting the Space Center in Houston. It offers different interactive activities, giving you a look at the behind-the-scenes of training. You can even meet astronauts and get a more profound educational experience. It is an inspirational experience for space enthusiasts. 

Within the Space Center, there are various things that one can have a look at, such as the Starship gallery, where you will get to see an accurate and actual spacecraft. 

Another spot to visit is NASA Johnson Space Center, where astronaut training is conducted. It is a place where all the spaceflight activities are managed. 

Different malls and Texas’s largest shopping center. 

The mall has around 400 stores with luxurious brands like Louis Vuitton and brands such as Zara and Apple. The Galleria is a mall in Houston that offers luxurious shopping options and has various international brands from which to shop. Even if you are not looking to shop, it is still an excellent place for a day out. It also offers different activities like ice skating rinks. For dining, it serves as a great place to go and have your favorite food. Moreover, you can also watch fashion shows there. 

Performing arts organizations 

Houston offers one of the largest theatres in the United States and has different performing arts centers, including Hobby Centre. The theatre provides different shows, such as ballet, broadway shows, and operas as well. A wide variety of performances are available in the theatre. 

World’s largest livestock show and rodeo

Houston hosts an annual event that attracts tourists from all over the world. It is mainly known for bringing country artists as well as other famous artists from different genres to conduct their concerts. Moreover, carnivals, rodeo competitions, and various exhibitions are also renowned in the area. The place is known for hosting artists like Beyonce in the past.

Beautifully designed museums in the district 

Museums like The Holocaust Museum in Houston can give you insight into history, culture, and property. If you are into science, the Houston Museum of Natural Science might have your attention. There are museums for modern arts as well. These museums can be an excellent experience for cultural, educational, and property purposes.

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