For Kitchen Countertops, What Is Granite And How Does It Differ From Marble?

The main ingredients of granite, one of the world’s toughest substances, are quartz, feldspar, and mica. The stone’s distinctive colours, textures, and patterns may be caused by the presence of other minerals. Depending on their chemistry and mineralogy, granites can range in colour from pink to grey.

Since molten magma cools after being ejected from a lava flow or volcanic eruption, granite is an igneous rock, deriving its name from the Latin word “igneus,” which means “fire.”

Granite worktops are made from this durable stone because it is more heat, acid, scratch, and stain resistant than marble.

It may contribute to the creation of a warm and welcoming atmosphere in a kitchen or bathroom because it is long-lasting, sturdy, and available in a wide array of colours, textures, and distinctive crystal patterns.

With all this stuff, granite repair becomes a very important aspect. For which only professionals should be hired.

Marble works brilliantly, especially in bathrooms, and is typically considered a warmer, more inviting stone surface. The veining patterns that arise may be used to create stunning designs, unlike granite, which is more resilient and hard-wearing.

However, marble is a rock that forms as a result of the metamorphism of sedimentary carbonate rocks, most frequently limestone or dolomite. The initial carbonate mineral grains undergo varied recrystallization due to metamorphism.

In addition to some tile cleaners, mildew removers, and other substances and chemicals frequently found in the kitchen or bathroom (particularly cleaning goods), marble is susceptible to acidic foods like vinegar, lemon, tomatoes, and wine. Their use on marble will dull a polished sheen.

What unique maintenance are stone worktops subject to?

Marble surfaces should be sealed once or twice a year, although the stone is not the best material for kitchen countertops and work surfaces due to its porosity. Stone, such as granite and quartz, are incredibly durable but do require maintenance. However, they are more prevalent than granite in bathrooms.

Granites need to be sealed once a year, and some suppliers can do so with an anti-bacterial sealer, adding an extra health benefit by lowering the number of bacteria in the kitchen. It must be understood that applying a sealer does not render the stone impervious to stains. The misconception that granite is impervious to scratches and stains is widespread. The sealant merely covers the pores in the stone, slowing the staining process so that you have more time to clean up a spill before it becomes permanent. Otherwise, regular cleaning is advised; avoid using abrasive or acidic cleaners, since they may eventually dull the finish.

Can worktops made of granite and quartz be repaired?

You may not need to undertake an expensive replacement if the damage is reasonable, such as minor cracks or chips.

It should be noted that if the stone is chipped, you should always attempt to keep the chipped-off portion. For repairing stone kitchen surfaces, there are certain kits available, but any filled or fixed chip will never be undetectable. Additionally, some businesses provide a competent granite repair service, so breaking your granite worktop may not be as disastrous as you initially believe.

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