Which plumber should you hire for emergency repairs?

A plumbing emergency happen at any time of day or night and leave your home flooded with water or without running water entirely. When a pipe bursts, a faucet won’t turn off, or your toilet overflows, you need a plumber to come to your rescue right away.

Get referrals

Start your search by asking friends, family, neighbors, or co-workers to recommend a Bondi plumbing specialists they’ve used for emergency repairs before. References from people you trust are the best ways to find a reliable, reputable plumber who handles your urgent plumbing job. Ask if they were satisfied with the plumber’s work if the plumber responded quickly, and if the price was reasonable. Getting several referrals will give you some plumbers to research further.

Verify licensing

The hiring a plumber, always verify that they are licensed in your state. Licensed plumbers have undergone training and met the experience requirements set by your state. You check for a plumber’s license number and expiration date online on your state contractor licensing board website. Hiring an unlicensed plumber could put you at risk of shoddy work or even scams. Make sure any plumber you consider hiring is licensed.

Look for experience

A plumbing emergency, you’ll want an experienced plumber who has completed many repairs similar to yours before researching plumbers; look for details about their experience level. A newer plumber won’t have as much practice as a seasoned professional. You want someone who has seen and fixed every kind of common plumbing problem over their years in the business. They will know how to diagnose and address your specific issue quickly.

Verify availability

During your initial research, verify that the plumbers you consider hiring provide emergency repair services 24/7. Many plumbers only provide regular business hours servicing unless you pay extra fees for emergency after-hours repairs. You’ll want to know if the plumbers on your list respond and come to your home at any hour before you are faced with an urgent plumbing catastrophe.

Ask about response time

When you call a plumber for an emergency repair, every minute counts. You want the plumbing problem stopped and fixed as soon as possible to prevent damage. Ask each plumber you research about their average emergency response time. A reliable plumber will arrive at your home within one to two hours in emergencies. Be wary of plumbers promising immediate or unrealistically fast service—quality work takes time.

Compare reviews

Online customer reviews are a great way to evaluate plumbers when choosing who to hire. Read reviews on Google, Yelp, and other sites to see unfiltered comments from the plumber’s past customers describing their experiences. Look for plumbers with consistently high ratings and several five-star reviews. Pay attention to any red flags like bad attitudes, unfinished jobs, or overcharging mentioned in negative reviews. For transparent emergency plumbing service, hire a plumber who provides upfront pricing before coming to your home.

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