Ventilation Duct Cleaning: How to Do It and Why?

A ventilation duct is a conduit or passage designed for delivering and removing air in and out of buildings. These ducts maintain healthy airflow by supplying fresh air into buildings and exhausting contaminated air out. 

Ventilation ducts should be cleaned regularly in order to maintain a healthy environment inside buildings. 

Following are the situations in which ventilation ducts should be inspected and cleaned:

  • If there are unexplained allergies in the household 
  • The presence of unexplained illnesses in your house
  • If there is too much dust in the house
  • If there are more than normal cobwebs in the building

Methods of Ventilation Duct Cleaning

Following are some of the most effective and widely used techniques for cleaning ventilation ducts. You can either do it on your own or seek help from professional companies such as Nettoyeur Provincial de Conduits d’Air

  • Source Removal

Source removal is one of the most widely used and recommended techniques for cleaning ventilation ducts.

It involves cleaning and removing debris and dirt from the air ducts. Debris and dirt gradually accumulate and stick to the interior of ventilation ducts. It’s a two-step process:

  • Mechanical agitation 
  • Extraction 

In the first step, the dust and debris are loosened with the help of chemicals. The second step then involves the removal of the dirt from the inside of the air ducts. Finally, the ventilation ducts are cleaned once again and dried. 

  • Steam Air Duct Cleaning

This method involves the removal of dirt from ventilation ducts with the help of steam at high pressure. The high-pressure steam is released inside the air ducts, which loosens the dirt that’s accumulated inside. Finally, the dirt is sucked out of the air duct. 

  • Point-of-Contact Air Duct Cleaning 

This method is considered the safest and most reliable of all ventilation duct cleaning methods. This method involves the use of an advanced vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter and an agitation machine. This method is the safest because it doesn’t cause cross-contamination.

Importance of Ventilation Duct Cleaning 

Here is why ventilation ducts need to be monitored properly and cleaned regularly:

  1. A clean ventilation duct keeps the air quality healthy and free of contaminants. A dirty ventilation duct can lead to allergies and even severe illnesses. 
  2. A clean ventilation duct keeps the inside of your house thermally comfortable. A dirty ventilation duct can heat your house and your ventilation ducts.
  3. A clean ventilation duct keeps your house free of dust, cobwebs, debris, and dirt of any other type.


Taking care of your health should involve taking care of your ventilation ducts because if they don’t work, they can be counterproductive. 

You can clean your ventilation ducts on your own, but it would be better to seek the help of professional companies like Nettoyeurs Provincial, who strictly follow the cleaning procedures recommended by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA).

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