Signs Your Commercial Roof Has Water Damage

Commercial roof damage can lead to thousands of dollars in repair costs. Water can leak into your building and cause serious damage. Mold and mildew can quickly develop when moisture and water are present. Commercial roof damage It might not be easy to identify, but you should contact an experienced commercial roofer right away if you see any of these signs.

Interior Ceiling Damage

If your roof is having water problems, your ceilings on the upper floors of your commercial building may be damaged. If your ceilings inside are weak, discolored, or collapsed, the roof can sustain extensive damage. Chipped or peeling paints, bowing, and sagging are all common problems for ceilings.

Gaps in Seams & Missing Shingles

When you’re looking for damage on your commercial roof, look out for missing shingles or gaps in seams. Roof shingles are the first layer of protection against water damage. They also serve as the best barrier to debris and moisture. It is important to inspect the singles regularly and make sure they are checked after every storm. Also, you should be looking out for any gaps in the roof’s seams. These issues should be addressed immediately if you find them.

Mildew or Mold Smell

Do you feel overwhelmed when you arrive at work every morning? Commercial roof water damage is likely if you have this problem. The smell of mold and mildew will not disappear without professional remediation. A mold remediation specialist will be needed to remove the mold and mildew, even if you have fixed the leak.

Ponding Water

You should remove any pooling or ponding water from your roof as soon as possible. To remove the puddles, you can either use a leaf blower (or a wet vacuum). To fix the problem, call an experienced roofer. If your roof is too flat, water can pool and form ponds. To prevent this from happening again, you will need to pitch the roof.

Aging Signs

Roofs will not last forever. It will age like other construction materials. You should inspect your commercial building for signs of aging. It is easy to identify an older roof. It will first be worn. To see the difference between the colors, simply look at your roof or other buildings. The edges of the roof will curl and there will be no granules left on the shingles. It is time to begin looking at your options if your commercial roof is approaching 20 years old.

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